Popular Online Hospitality Games

Online Hospitality Games provide hours of fun simulations to keep you busy for hours on end. These enjoyable simulations teach a range of hospitality skills such as customer service, inventory management, recipe creation and cashflow management. Furthermore, these popular simulations give you the chance to build your own hotel empire and compete against others in real time!

Theme Hotel is a game that lets you build your own hotel from the ground up. As you progress through it, you can upgrade your properties and hotels to become an ultimate Hotel Baron!

With your profits, you can purchase new hotels to expand your chain. You have complete control over the hotel style, room types, cuisines and more to make it truly unique for guests.

My Sunny Resort is an enjoyable game that offers plenty of variety and challenges. There are various tasks to complete such as picking up luggage, cleaning a pool, making smoothies, taking guests to their proper floor in the lift – and more!

Time Management Game for Young Players This charming simulation lets you play as an adorable hotel owner and take care of your customers. To keep them happy and contented, feed them delicious meals at just the right time – all while managing their moods!

This game is ideal for both children and adults alike, teaching them the art of serving customers while having a blast! While its graphics may not be the most captivating on this list, it still provides ample opportunity to learn about hospitality.

Holiday Island is an improved management sim that takes the classic Sim City formula and strives to improve it. Packed with 1,400 objects and items, it feels more expansive than its predecessor and there’s so much content that players could spend hours perfecting each aspect of play.

Hotel Giant 2 is a management game with more customization options for customising your hotel. You can build an entire building from scratch or choose from 26 pre-made buildings to assemble and start running your business.

Play this multiplayer game with up to four friends and take control of a different hotel, giving you the opportunity to become part of another management team.

Open Restaurant is a simulation game designed to teach students about hospitality and the need for attention to detail. You have full control of service levels, wait times and food costs by altering things like customer ordering patterns, orders placed and wait times.

We Bare Bears Chocolate Artist is an engaging simulation game that helps develop pattern matching and motor skills in kids. Plus, there’s lots of replay value as you can select a different hotel and set the rules again for even more fun!